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As the TYPO3 Developer Days have been canceled this year we have thought about how to make it possible to have some time together to talk a bit about TYPO3 and what's happening this year.

For this reason, we decided to organize the TYPO3 TechSummer. We will have two evenings and a whole day of talks, time for hanging around via screen, and get in touch with each other. Thanks to the Orga Teams of various bar camps the TYPO3 TechSummer leads directly to the first global TYPO3 Online Bar Camp. We would really love to see you all on some great events and hope to get a bit of the nice community feeling of TYPO3 via the screens.

Find a list of the planned events and the respective program for each event here.

If you want to be a part and have a session just ping me on Slack (fabianstein).

Looking forward to hearing from you!